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Surfer Hugo

It’s time to get to watch some juicy¬†island studs in action as per usual and this week we present to you a surfer dude with a passion for showing off his body as well. His name is Hugo and as you can tell apart from showing off just how hot he looks all naked, his other passion is surfing as well. In this afternoon’s scene he as all the time in the world to show both of these things to you all and he sure takes his time to do so as well. Let’s get right to the action without delay in this¬†islandstuds scene as we can guarantee that you will want to watch Hugo play. And he gets to play as kinky as you can imagine as he plays with his cock on camera this afternoon!

Well since he’s a surfer and this was at the seaside, you can see the guy getting all nice and wet before anything else as he gets to start playing. But then he comes to shore and hat wet suit comes off to reveal that he’s packing no underwear beneath it. And his cock was already nice and hard. It seems that in anticipation to his play scene he got horny. And to begin with you get to see him pose around with his board for a bit before he does anything else. And once that’s done and said, you can see him starting to play with his nice and big cock too. Check him out jacking off today for you and do come back again next week for another new island studs update!


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