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See this hot stud surfing naked and jerking off on the beach!

Hank Island Studs

Check out this next Hank Island Studs video gallery featuring a hot popular models. Hi’s smile, personality and hot body makes anyone melt, woman and man. While shooting these videos, Hank was having a hard on all the time. These pics were taken at the beach house in Hawaii where he walked around naked all day long. He jerks off for the camera several times blowing his load on a bench outside all over his thighs and belly. Well let’s not waste time and see him in action shall we guys and gals?

Hank loves to relax when he’s on his days off, and since he was solo on this vacation, the hot gay guy was going to take his time having sexual fun as much as he pleases too. He wakes up and naked as he was, he goes straight to the front porch where he takes a seat on the couch and enjoys the morning air. He loves letting his cock breathe some fresh air and then stroking it, and that’s what he did. Sit back and watch him masturbating in the morning today and enjoy this hunk as he has his fun in his sexy scene!

island-studs-hank-jerking-off-2 island-studs-hank-getting-a-boner

island-studs-hank-jerking-off island-studs-hank-stroking-his-hard-dick

Watch Hank stroking his hard meat at the beach house!

Island Studs – Ben

We met Ben on the Hawaii Islands where he was spending all his summer. The moment we saw him we knew that he is going to be a great island studs model! Luckily he accepted to pose for us so we set up a meeting. He likes surfing and working on his body at the beach so we asked him to do the usual things only naked!After we took lots of shoots we went to a more private place and watched him jerking off his cock! Ben here is another hot and sexy surfer and you know that this guy is ready to have some fun.


This hunk of a man named Ben loves to surf in the nude, and even though some of you may fear for his safety, like sharks biting off that nice and big dick of his you don’t have to worry. This stud surfs in a safe zone too. Anyway, you can see him as he comes to shore after his surfing session and he was eager to get some kinky action going while he was pleasing himself today. Take your time to sit back and watch him as he also puts on a great show stroking and jerking off on his mighty cock today, and see you soon with more! If you’re looking for similar content, you might watch some boycrush videos!

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Brian the hot surfer

Brian is very popular at island studs, he is a hot 21 year old Hawaiian skateboarder and surfer with a great body who likes spending time on the beach looking at hot girls. In this scene he is taking off his pants showing us his nice big cock, then starts stroking it until he blows his load! Well who doesn’t just adore a nice and sexy stud of a surfer anyway? This stud is here to entertain, and he will have lots of fun with himself today. Let’s get started and see him in action.

Brian has a thing for getting naughty and kinky, and as you will see, he just has to play with himself when he gets alone. And rather soon after he takes off his pants, you get a nice and good view of his nice and big cock and balls that were just begging for some attention. Take the time to see this hot and sexy stud as he gets around to masturbate for you stroking that nice and big dick while he also plays with his balls for the camera too. Enjoy this islandstuds update and see you next week as always with fresh scenes! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, join the site and see some sexy straight dudes getting roughly fucked!


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Island Studs – Jackie

Our next island studs Hawaiian surfer is Jackie, a hot 19 year old black guy with smooth skin and chocolate bubble but. This is his first time naked on the camera and he enjoyed walking around and doing exercises while we was shooting him, he played a lot with his big dick pulling and wanking it until he shot streams after streams of man juice! This black stud is more than happy to show off his body to you guys, and rest assured that you will be in for one hell of a ride with him too. So let’s see him in action.

island-studs-jackie-the-hot-black-guyAs another fresh week started off, we just had to bring you this hot and horny hunk without delay. The ebony stud packs quite a nice cock, and you will just love it when he starts to show it off. You get to see him posing sexy and sensually for you guys as well, but rather soon that cock needs some attention too. So naturally you get to see him stroking on it nice and hard for this afternoon update. See him bust a load all over himself after a nice and long jerk off session as well everyone. We’ll be back next week!

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Eric the hot scuba diving instructor

We met Eric when we were searching up the beached oh Hawaii looking for new island studs. He is a local scuba diving instructor and we watched him in action, what a hot body he has! he is straight but he said that he doesn’t minds if other guys are watching him naked. We asked him to get naked for us and surprisingly his cock got rock hard, so he started jerking off for the cam! Let’s just get to it and watch the super sexy and hot stud Eric as he gets to give you some other lessons apart from diving as well.

Well Eric is also one of the horny and kinky islandstuds, and that shows. As soon as he is done with the lesson, he starts to get horny and so he goes to a more private place with the camera. There you can see him starting to take off his nice and tight diving suit to reveal his naked and sexy body to the cameras. Enjoy seeing his muscled body in all it’s glory, and then see him as he whips out his cock too. Enjoy watching him masturbate outdoors and see him taking his time to enjoy the solo time that he has this afternoon! For other great gay sex videos cum inside website and enjoy watching other horny guys fucking each others assholes.

eric jerks off at island studs

 Enjoy as this hot stud jerks his cock for the cam!

Island Studs – Donny

Like so many other island studs, this next guy never shaved his big uncut cock and he likes walking around naked in his house and garden. We know that you simply adore fetish scenes so today you can watch as he is working around the house naked, then he gets a rest and starts pulling and wanking his big cock shooting a huge load of cum! Well anyway we think that you will love Donny and his superbly sexy and hot body along with his nice and big cock too. So let’s watch him play shall we?


Since he had the afternoon to himself today, this hot stud decided to have as much fun as possible with his body and you get to see it all as well. Let’s watch him in action as he gets to undress first, and he reveals that nice and fresh sexy body of his. Watch him whipping out his cock, and as you can see even though he was soft it was still quite big. And you will just love it when it gets all hard as well. Sit back and enjoy seeing this dude jerking off on his thick cock until he blows his load all over the place!

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Island Studs – Shawn

Another fresh week and time for another island studs special feature today. In this week’s update we have a special scene to show off and you simply cannot miss this one everybody. You get to see Shawn, a superbly hot and muscular stud as he gets to enjoy exposing his amazing body to you as well. We say special because this marks a milestone for us with you guys following us for so long. Anyway, we bring you this superb guy and we know that you will enjoy his amazing show this afternoon!

He knows exactly how good he looks and he prides on the fact that he has big muscles too. And let’s not forget around a nice and round butt that’s paired in the front with a massive cock as well. His meat pole looks big at resting too, but you’ll get a treat when he gets it all nice and hard for the cameras as well. So take your time to see him flexing his muscles all nude around the place today and do check out the past islandstuds scenes for more hot studs as well everybody. We will return soon with more just like always! Until then, enter the chaosmen site and see other hot gay guys stripping for the camera!


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Black Stud Rico

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome as always to some more fresh and hot islandstuds scenes today. We know that you love seeing your black stud every now and then posing and showing off his nude body and hard cock, and to achieve that today we have the sexy brown hunk Rico to put on a nice solo scene for you. Let’s get to see him posing on the balcony of his cabin retreat where he gets to enjoy his time alone. Make sure that you don’t miss a single one of this hot stud’s superb images this afternoon today.


He also happened to just wake up after a nap, and according to him he always gets morning wood after sleeping. Well you don’t have to believe his words at all, because as soon as his pants drop, you can see that his cock was all hard and ready to play. So like we said, take your time to see him in action as he gets to pose naked for you and have fun seeing him show off his hard tool just for you in this afternoon. We will be seeing you once more next week with an all new and hot gallery update everyone!

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Muscled Jock Exposed

Well here we are once more with some more new islandstuds and more fresh and hot scenes for you to enjoy today. In this one we get to see a new guy that gets to play around for you and he’s the best at teasing the cameras too. You get to watch his solo adventures at his resting place where he took the vacation at as he regularly got to be naughty and wild when a camera was around him while he was doing his regular stuff. And in this particular case, you get to see him enjoying his morning routine.

He just woke up, and he decided to go for a nice and quick morning shower to be ready and fresh for the day. But after he was done with the body scrubbing, the stud decided that it would be an amazing idea to just dry himself all naked outdoors. So take your time to watch him drying off and posing for you at the same time this fine morning. Watch him flex his muscled body too and enjoy seeing him showing off his hard cock for the cameras and you and as always see you next week with all new updates.


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Island Studs – Luke

For this all new and hot, fresh island studs gallery update we have another unforgettable guy showing off for you. He’s new and eager to pose and his name is Luke. Luke here has a background in male modeling and he knows like some other stud that we have had around here, just how to show off perfectly to a camera without delay. So take your time to see him in action and also check out Oscar’s scene as well to see another guy with the same background working his body for your viewing pleasure. Anyway, coming back to our stud for the day, you can bet that he’ll be making more appearances around here as well in the future!


The superb setting for Luke’s nice and sizzling hot gallery shoot was right at the beach side in the shades of a nice and big tree where he got to get nude. And you can bet that you will be in for a treat as well as you will be seeing this guy getting himself all wet while naked too this day. Take the time to enjoy seeing him flashing his nice and big dick for you and see him loving all the attention that he gets as well. In addition to showing off his massive tool, you get to see the guy as he also goes for a self indulging masturbation session as well. And you can bet that he only stops when he ends up shooting his nice and big jizz load too!

Watch here Luke showing off his tool!