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Island Studs Joshua

This hot model from island studs Joshua is a white Hawaiian local boy. He lived on the Hawaiian islands for all his life.  Every thing regarding him is local,  from his sexy accent to his stunning tattoos! His biggest fantasy is to fuck some guys in masks.This hot surfer has ink all over his smooth body, however his face lines and features are genuine Italian – American. Joshua has a stunning face with gorgeous vintage curly hair and dreamy bright blue eyes. He is the ideal twink, having a slim boy body and a big mature man sized cock. Well we think that we got your interest in Joshua so let’s watch him have his solo fun today.

Joshua can be described as somewhat of an exhibitionist as he always enjoys showing off his naked boy to everyone that wants to see it and he describes himself as bisexual actually. Well either way, he’s here to let you take a good look at the action as he gets to pose and play around and saying that he did a nice job would be an understatement. So watch closely as he gets to undress and reveal his slender tattooed body fully. You get to sit back and enjoy him playing with his balls and cock, and in addition to that he also gives you a look at how he likes to masturbate as well. Enjoy his scene and see you next week!


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