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Island Studs Donny

Last updated: May 8th, 2017

Island studs Donny is back for more naked lsland action. He is an 18 year old uncut Russian boy and he is practicing bodybuilding so you definitely have to check up this video because this boy has an amazing body! When he is showing his sexy muscular body in public he is not shy at all, in fact he is feeling quite comfortable walking around naked outdoors and on the beach. The foreskin fans will enjoy Donny’s thick uncut dick with a big head! There is lots of captures of this hot stud playing with his manly foreskin! He loves to rub his big cock and many times he shows it close up to the camera. He is using both of his hands to jerk off his massive cock!

Well you got to see Donny in a previous islandstuds update and you know just how good this stud is at showing off his goods. For this nice update he wanted to get be more naughty and like we said, her decided to have his nice photo shoot at a public beach today. Watch the stud as he shows off his naked muscular body for the cameras, and see him as he starts to jerk off fast and hard for the cameras and you guys today. We know you will adore his video today and so we’re taking our leave for now. See you guys with some fresh content as always!


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Island Studs Videos

This is a really seductive behind the scenes island studs videos of Dino, a 27 year old tattooed guy and his surfboard! Observe how he loves stoking his big amazing nine inch dick with one hand whilst keeping his surfboard with the other one! His shiny blue eyes suit the blue ring round his long board. Like the guys from boy spy cam videos,  Dino is a sexy muscular guy with a hot tattooed body, fantastic tan lines, smooth round ass and white muscle thighs surrounding his delicious monster dick only on! I think Dino has probably the most stunning cocks I have seen!

Dino decided that this would be the perfect day to show off his goods to you. And rest easy knowing that he has quite the goods to show off as well. He gets to have a photo shoot all to himself and it can be seen just how eager this stud was to get to play around for your enjoyment. Watch him pose sensually to tease you and see him jerking off as he lays back in his recliner outdoors. You must see him end up blowing his load all over himself just for your enjoyment and we bet you guys will just love seeing him do so today. Drop by next week to see more amazing guys having fun for your enjoyment! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post and you wanna see a sexy tranny masturbating for the camera, check out the site! Enjoy!

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Kawika Island Studs

Take a look at our next hot model presented in this exciting Kawika island studs pictorial. He is a sweet Hawaiian boy who agreed to undress for the camera and play with himself. At the beginning he was very shy but after he studied the pages of a straight porno magazine he got hard instantly without even touching his nice cock. The camera captures his big dick growing hard, and i believe you will enjoy watching this hot stud taking a piss outdoors and playing with himself. If you enjoyed watching out boys you can check out blog and have fun watching other hot Japan boyz getting naked for you!

Kawika here is a pretty adventurous dude, and that shows in his gallery. And just in case that you didn’t figure it out already he’s pretty naughty as well. He just had lots of fun getting naked and exposing his huge cock along with his sexy muscled body today and he sure took his time to entertain you today. Watch him teasing you at first as he removes his clothes, and watch closely as that nice and big dick comes into view. Sit back and enjoy seeing him pose and of course you also get to watch him jerk off on his nice cock to blow his load all over the place and himself today. Bye bye everyone and see you next week!


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Islandstuds – Naked Worker Solomon

This next islandstuds gallery is featuring a typical Hawaiian, Solomon. He has a totally smooth chest and he has hair only on his legs, crotch and between his thighs and asshole. Solomon is very comfy working naked outside in the Naked Worker Series. He is wearing only his large tool belt and construction footwear. You get an excellent view of his erect boy nipples and hairy underarms when he works.Solomon loves college guys and he likes being watched too and he usually looks straight at the camera when he rubs his massive dick. He oftenly bites his lips in enjoyment when he jerks it and plays with his foreskin! One of the island studs Solomon has big swollen bouncing balls that hit around when he jerks his huge cock! He unloads a good spray of semen everywhere over the ground under his feet when he cums.


Solomon is quite a sexy stud and he never shies away from showing off his body. He sais that his biggest pride lies in his cock and we think that’s rightly so as the nice stud packs quite the nice and big cock. Today he was doing some work around the house with his power tools but as you can see he simply had to work naked. Watch him taking off that tool belt to let you see his huge cock better, and see as he begins to play around with it to entertain you guys. Watch his superb and sexy masturbation scene and enjoy seeing him blowing his load outdoors!

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Island Studs Jeno

Island Studs Jeno is a hot Puerto Rican surfer with  smooth muscular body who is back again to beat his curved nine inch uncut cock! After his very first shoot he has actually been going to the gym daily and now he is looking a lot more sculpted and strong. Jeno likes to exhibit his stunning tan body! He loves latin men a lot because of their tanned skin! He starts giving us an sensual striptease outside in front of camera! He is standing naked talking about how hard he’s been working playing with himself all the time! What a tasty uncut giant dick he has! His dark brown skin lights up in the very hot Hawaiian sun as he stands there with his surf board, showing off his strong arms, pectorals and steel solid abdominal muscles. Naturally without hair, he rubs his chest and  turns around to reveal his round brown butt!  He has a big curved cock.

Well one of our islandstuds Jeno is here to show off his superb and sexy body to you as he relaxes in his back yard and rest assured that it’s quite a show to see with him for this nice afternoon. Sit back and let’s get this show started as this guy is a must see today. He rips off his shirt to reveal that sexy muscled body that he packs, and then starts to play around with his nice and big cock just for your enjoyment. So just sit back and watch this horny stud as he gets to do one sexy little jerk off session for you guys this afternoon! For similar videos, check out the fraternityx site and see some hot college guys fucking and sucking!

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Dan and Kyle Having Gay Sex

Island Studs presents you two straight guys having gay sex for the first time! Dan and Kyle are 2 real life straight guys which accepted going gay the very first time and make a video. The cameras got every single weird moment and hot boy on boy action, featuring these hot straight buddies . Dan is a muscular tough construction worker that confesses he got head from another guy one time when he was drunk. Kyle is one of the most popular models which has never touched another man’s dick. In this video gallery you can watch these sexy straight guys examine each other’s hot bodies then later they will start sucking each other’s dick for the first time! They also never met before this so they are very nervous at first.


There was no way that we’d miss the occasion to bring you guys these two horny studs today by any means, and here we are with their gallery. The studs Dan and Kyle just adore spending time together and playing with each other’s cocks and this fine afternoon that’s just what they ended up doing for your enjoyment. Watch closely as they take their seat on the couch and see them jerking one another off nice and fast. Of course they end up blowing their jizz one each other and they ended up continuing with a hard gay fuck in the shower again. Anyway enjoy it and see you guys next week with a lot more fresh content!

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Island Studs Joshua

This hot model from island studs Joshua is a white Hawaiian local boy. He lived on the Hawaiian islands for all his life.  Every thing regarding him is local,  from his sexy accent to his stunning tattoos! His biggest fantasy is to fuck some guys in masks.This hot surfer has ink all over his smooth body, however his face lines and features are genuine Italian – American. Joshua has a stunning face with gorgeous vintage curly hair and dreamy bright blue eyes. He is the ideal twink, having a slim boy body and a big mature man sized cock. Well we think that we got your interest in Joshua so let’s watch him have his solo fun today.

Joshua can be described as somewhat of an exhibitionist as he always enjoys showing off his naked boy to everyone that wants to see it and he describes himself as bisexual actually. Well either way, he’s here to let you take a good look at the action as he gets to pose and play around and saying that he did a nice job would be an understatement. So watch closely as he gets to undress and reveal his slender tattooed body fully. You get to sit back and enjoy him playing with his balls and cock, and in addition to that he also gives you a look at how he likes to masturbate as well. Enjoy his scene and see you next week!


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Islandstuds – Brian and Darren

IslandStuds is thrilled to present 2 of our hottest exceptional models in awesome duo action!  Darren is a  hot Waikiki lifeguard, and Brian is a sweet surfer, skater  boy, and these sexy college guys are going to jerk off together in this amazing island studs gallery! Watching these hot straight studs with huge dicks is so arousing! This is the  first time when Darren jerks off with another guy! Brian said that he was jerking off in the past with several  school pals when he was just 16! They used to do it in Brian’s bedroom. Well for today you get to see some nice studs with large cocks as they show off just to you guys.


Like we said, these two guys, are two of our best models here and you will most surely not regret spending the time watching them get naughty for you guys. Watch closely as the two guys go for a skinny dip in the pool. You get to see them get naughty and wild and of course they come out with their nice and big cocks in full view just for you guys to see. Watch closely and see the two of them pose around all naked just for you and see them having fun with it as well. They go for a long jerk off session as well as they want to have a contest to see which one gets to blow his load first!

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Island Studs Aaron

Island Studs Aaron, the extremely sweet flirty blonde surfer has returned, today naked on the beach and working hard at his house! He’s quite as friendly and cozy walking around nude as he was in his previous videos. This hot and straight surfer with great white tight ass agreed to do a photoshoot on this desert Island. His lovely sun-bronzed smooth skin gets wet due to his sweat and dirty because he works. Our best video footage is of hot Aaron, getting naked outside in public on a white sand beach and going up on his surf board for his very first try  at surfing naked!  Take a look at that hot bubble butt burning in the incredibly hot Hawaiian sun.

Well Aaron here was more than happy to get to pose for us and in this scene of his, he is quite nice as well. We cannot stress enough just how sexy this stud is and how perfect his round butt looks on camera. Today you get to see him as well as he gets to play in the water with his surfboard like we said, and as you can see he’s not shy about showing off his sexy nude body. Sit back and watch him get naughty and wild for you everyone, and do be sure to come back next week for another amazing update with one more sexy stud!


Check out this natural blonde Island Stud surfing naked!

Hawaiian Naked Surfer Boy

Take a look at this next Island Studs Hawaiian surfer boy with sexy athletic body walking around on the beach naked, jumping from a cliff in the water and surfing while he is being recorded on the camera. Luke is 20 yeas old with sexy hazel eyes and a very hot body. After all the nudist beach activity he goes to a more private place to show off his throbbing uncut cock. Let’s be frank here for a moment and just face the facts. There’s no one that can resist a true surfer stud along with his nice body, and this guy sure had the moves to make anyone interested in his nice and sexy body.


As one might imagine, his superb show starts by the seaside with him just fresh out of the water after a surfing session. And as you can see this stud is really proud of his hot and steamy body, and the water drips on his body just made him look even sexier today. He’s looking just like the guys from the site! Watch him remove his wet suit on a private part of the beach, and see him starting to pose for the cameras all nude and sensual. And of course this wouldn’t be a nice island studs gallery if the guy wouldn’t get naughty. So watch him show off his nice and big cock, and then see him stroking it nice and slow for your enjoyment as well. Enjoy this surfer dude and see you next time!

Watch this surfer boy showing off his dick on the beach!